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The origin of Santa Claus

Posted by admin on December 23, 2013

Every December 24th millions of people are visited by a short, fat guy in a red suit. Where does he come from, why does he visit us and how does he accomplish this almost impossible task?

Ramadan Social Media “Bonne Etiquette”

Posted by admin on July 21, 2013

Fingers glued to the keyboard to meet the latest deadline. Earphones on for the latest web-cast seminar on YouTube, whatsapp and BBM notification messages are piling up while twitter is boiling with breaking news you do not want to miss. It is all happening while that Facebook page, always hidden in the background, is tempting you again “check me, update me”. Yes, you recognize the pressures of a modern individual. It is amazing how many social media platforms we have managed to integrate in our daily lives increasing significantly the power to influence our audience. Check out how you can make use of your online reputation to reach your followers and add value this Holy Month of Ramadan.