Time spent getting to know you


Without doubt it is our own approach to client servicing that sets us part from the rest. In our mind, communication & process are the two elements key to any successful project, a procedure that we describe in the below ad hoc infographic. You will find a quick overview of what to expect at every step of the way going from the initial meeting through to the launch or delivery. Research, inspiration and mood are all part of the creative process followed by our team. Our aim is to make every single project an unique venture that offers endless possibilities to everyone involved.


1. Meet the client
2. Research
3. Sketch
4. Concept development
5. Present
6. Revise and review the concept
7. Launch

Consistent and regular reporting is key to maintaining an excellent working rapport with each customer. Aurea thinks outside the box and discusses options clients might not have considered. Client participation is encouraged throughout the project.

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