Building a long term reputation

Strong simple ideas travel everywhere. Mastering the art of communications takes much more that experience. It requires passion for human relations, a flair for PR, an obsession for a spot-on image as well as a drive for excellence and perfection. At Aurea, we are born communicators, advocates of an integrated approach to total design and firm believers in community outreach. If your company or product is to succeed in the marketplace, it must become a BRAND. A brand is only as good as its “voice” so Aurea acts to keep it consistent, real and genuine.

Aurea makes the art of branding a pleasurable affair. We are at the core of the task at hand making research and auditing the starting point of our consultancy. Discovering your product’s unique selling propositions (USPs), values and personality is necessary to build a long-term relationship with customers & prospects and equally crucial for finding and ultimately communicating a suitable positioning for your brand. We help organizations define, create and develop brand personalities and find a suitable positioning through: Research, Strategy, Planning, Implementation.

will always facilitate a company’s marketing process. Our team is ready to assist you in: finding your customers, wowing them and increasing their loyalty. Aurea advises on the most appropriate marketing solution (Relationship marketing, Social marketing, Organizational marketing, Integrated marketing and/or Digital marketing) for your company, its brands and the objectives set. Whatever the specific marketing approach your company needs, integration holds the key to long-term success. Aurea therefore ensures strategies adopted are in line with business objectives, stakeholder expectations and respect the balance of the marketing mix whilst leveraging potential synergies.

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