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YES, the art of typography design

Posted by admin on May 13, 2013

The Metal Design “YES” is an experimental modern typography project that relates to design beyond decoration. We analyze one of our most artistic and inspirational projects, a ”marriage” between art, design and lifestyle.

Defined as the use of typefaces for visual communications purposes, the art of typography is deeply rooted in Joahnnes Gutenber’s movable printing press. The inventor of movable type printing, Gutenberg was the initiator of the European printing revolution, regarded as the most important event in the modern period.

The idea behind the Metal Design project “YES” was inspired by the historic “Yes we can!” pronounced by Barack Obama during the initial campaign that led him to the presidency of the United States of America. Carved into stainless steel, the ‘”YES” became a three-dimensional expression that added movement, volume and weight to the word. The planned metal typography blended superbly into design to conceive three contemporary small coffee tables of diverse optical sizes highlighting its texture, depth and harmonious pattern.

Furthermore it became a perfect communication channel carrying a strong message: “everything is possible” if it is conceived from the power of positive thinking, a sort of law which is transformed into design exhorting viewers to take full control and ownership of their lives. The astonishing project, designed by aurea, was carried out for a group of independent creative, headed by Fabiana Vidal exhibiting at Milan’s 2009 Salone del Mobile, a global benchmark for home furnishing sector.

When integrated well, typography and design can result in attractive dream 3D design, a sort of story-telling that communicates emotions and injects a good dose of inspiration in viewers’ minds. To what extent is typography important to design? What value do you believe typography adds to design? Let’s get the conversation going!

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