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Being exclusive in the universal world of logos

Posted by admin on October 20, 2013

Why do we arrive to having similar corporate identity in organizations? When do we consider a logo or identity come into conflict with another? Up to what extent is a logo or identity considered unique? We get into the mind of a designer to find out.

What Happens when logos look alike?
You have heard it and seen it all before. Everything has been invented. It is increasingly becoming a reason for concerns among all organizations no matter the size. Original logos are rare these days. Why does your logo or identity resemble that of another company despite the unique creative thinking designers are supposed to go through beforehand? The answer lies in the extent to which we are all influenced and exposed to similar concepts, shapes and ideas. Creative directors deal with hundreds of projects a year influencing and inspiring each other in the process, resulting in more similarities in artwork than expected, in some case even lookalikes.

One of the most important issues deriving from similarities in identity or logo copy is the breach of copyright, something very easily spotted these days with the wide use of search engines.

Plagiarizing dates back to academic times and cannot be avoided in the design industry. Despite being a common problem and the subject of many legal disputes, a designer must be responsible enough to guide his/her own creative inspiration towards uniqueness.

Unique vs Stimulated Logos:
It is clear designers pursuit uniqueness, where they get lost along the way is a different story. The question is how much should we allow ourselves to be influenced by existing designs? What is that fine line we should not cross? Designers still believe that creativity can be replicated. Variations should not be claimed by the designer as exclusive work. The similar experiences we all live takes us to an unconscious pool of images we access when in need of inspiration, resulting in just pure design coincidences.

The theory it is extremely difficult for a designer to produce a ‘never seen before’ logo or identity. The biggest example of this theory is found in music, renowned artists are reproducing and remixing existing pieces adding up their personal touch.

Note the below branding design and logos that depict an exact or similar concept. Judge by yourself!

001 0002 0003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010

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