Triggering emotions that lead to action

In the field of event marketing, Aurea specialises in designing personalised live event marketing solutions for clients with very specific needs and fine taste. Brand building, marketing and communications are always at the core of any project. Very often our team would come up with ideas to obtain brand visibility, although our strength lies in the integration of all aspects of a brand: identity, marketing and business.

No brand, person or situation is similar to another, so no event is similar to another. Our objective: to make you STAND OUT! Our team strongly believes event management is one of the most effective strategic marketing and communication tools to build brands, creating the perfect environment for customers to fully immerse in the experience. From concept development to post event follow-up going through design, planning and implementation, our company’s services range from limited budget offerings to more sophisticated solutions. Our branded experiences are unique, memorable and imply a call-to-action (CTA).

LIVE Event Marketing
Strategy, philosophy, consistency and passion are our ingredients for successful branded experiences. Whether your company is to attend a Trade show, launch a new product, promote a brand, create buzz, organise a corporate business networking gathering, a PR & Media campaign, a press conference, participate in a sporting event, plan a leisure trip, contribute to non-profit/CSR, assisting companies integrate their event solutions into their marketing and communication plans is our strength.

Aurea’s solutions for Live Event Management
Experimental marketing, event marketing & strategy, creative communications, cultural team building, concept design & creation, media attendance, custom media campaign, interior design, video & photography are among the services our company provides in the field of Live Event Management.

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